To  ensure the best result for your concrete needs. we apply proper  under-layment and precise divisions in the concrete slabs. we ensure  longevitiy of the concrete that we install.  At Av. Masonry Inc. we only use the highest grades of concrete to ensure the best possible result for every single job.



Being  one of the most durable installements available for you driveway and/or  backyard. Pavers offer a wide variety of colors and  styles. We only install Cambridge Pavers   that include Armortech  technology. this helps retain the fresh new look for a very long time.  To help keep the pavers looking new we apply polymetic sand in between  all the joints.


 Steps are a very crutial part of any home. Which  makes them very supcepitable to damage either from water or from  everyday wear and tear. To ensure you that your steps will be durable we  put a thick and strong concrete foundation well beyond what is needed  and only use the best materials to ensure the durablity of such a  Vital part of the home. 


 No job is too big or  too small. At AV. Masonry Inc. all customers are treated with equal  importance no matter the size of the project.  We do all types of  Masonry work ranging from repointing steps to designing a whole new  yard. Over the years of serving our customers, we have developed a true  sense of delivering what customer expected and more.